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New Generation Mini-SD Card DVR Formally Launched

2013/11/24 Viewers:
Product Description:
CV-S815 mini video recorder is the next generation integrated security monitoring products integrated surveillance, intelligent motion detection, loop recording and storage, and analog video output function, to adapt to a variety of places.
Product description:
★ can add single CCD or CMOS camera
★ support , real-time continuous shooting moving objects , and stores
★ external TF card : 2G-32G ( recommended adapter Kingston High Speed Card )
★ automatic cycle cover image storage function , the video data is kept up to date
★ Video Format : VGA; 640 * 480 and 320 * 240 optional ;
★ SD memory card directly DVR and other devices can also be followed
★ synchronous recording function ;
★ File Format : AVI
★ Support Monitor , TV output function
★ DC Power Supply : input: AC220/110v, output: DC12V/1000mA
★ clock adjustment ; support clock autonomous update
★ real output, no delay