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IP Video Surveillance To Be Optimistic About Prospects

2013/11/25 Viewers:
Now, in the field of video surveillance , IP surveillance applications have been deep into all walks of life , but people ´s understanding of the IP surveillance is not enough depth .
    IP surveillance solutions can all be constituted by the IP camera can also be added by the analog camera video server constitutes , or is constituted by both the combination of the two . Whatever the form , IP surveillance have been proven to be a in a variety of industries are highly attractive solution . Among the numerous industrial applications , this revolutionary technology is gradually replacing the traditional monitoring system , to reduce costs and improve security. While in other applications, it is also beginning to be used to initiate and stimulate the formation of new markets .
    Highlighting the advantages of IP network video surveillance , the outlook is promising
    To promote the economic development of the people continuously improve security awareness , when the traditional local analog monitor mode can not meet the increasingly wide range of some industries , the demand for remote monitoring , network monitoring , such as regional banks , through the network for remote transmission of the image centralized monitoring methods came into being. Now, with the popularity of a wide range of Internet , remote monitoring has penetrated into education, government , entertainment , hospitals, hotels, sports venues, security and other areas.
    Familiar RMON people know , after the image pickup means for remote transmission main addition to the Internet , as well as fiber . Some believe that by Optical and fiber for remote monitoring , the video image quality and transmission speed is superior to the network transmission , but its expensive cost and complexity of the wiring works prohibitive. More importantly , the network capacity is relatively poor , can not meet the needs of large-scale monitoring project . The network monitoring in this show its unique advantages : a place where there are networks will be able to build a network monitoring system. By eliminating the traditional cabling and line maintenance costs , making the network monitoring system installation costs are significantly reduced. For users, network monitoring is also independent of time , place restrictions on the authorization at any time on demand monitor , plug and play that look, use very convenient. Thus , IP network monitoring agreement was considered a future video network monitoring major trends .
    Network monitoring advantages and broad prospects promote domestic and foreign manufacturers have developed products for network security monitoring products, such as the previous DVR, subsequent IP video camera, video server , NVR and so on. Since these network products using advanced digital compression technology that allows the transmission bandwidth and storage requirements of the reach of smaller to compensate for insufficient network bandwidth caused by defects. In recent years, digital video surveillance system is the core equipment IP network camera and video server as having more intelligence features and powerful networking capabilities , network monitoring and become the new darling of the market .
    With the improvement of living standards as well as security requirements increase, traditional analog surveillance has been far from localized to meet market demand . The rapid development of network systems , making rely on the network for remote video surveillance possible.
    For large-scale monitoring systems, network monitoring relative local monitoring has unparalleled advantages , embodied in monitoring approach is more flexible system construction and maintenance cost is relatively low , a greater amount of data can be stored , data storage means more data application form wider , higher degree of system integration . On the other hand , network-based video surveillance breakthrough time and geographical constraints , as long as the network exists where you can establish a network monitoring system, eliminating the need for traditional cabling and line maintenance costs , reduce monitoring costs ; User be authorized in the case of demand can be monitored at any time without geographical restrictions , to achieve plug , that is , that look .
    It can be said , at this stage through the network and network products have been truly decentralized distribution, centralized monitoring of remote transmission. In certain situations , network monitoring has been effectively applied by the majority of security vendors and industry users attention.
    Everything has two sides , IP network video surveillance same is true , at present , domestic and foreign stakeholders are working hard to improve and perfect the IP network video surveillance inherent flaws , although the short term is difficult to meet the needs of users , IP network video surveillance technology can say is maturing, but we can expect that it will further improve as the network obtained by leaps and bounds.