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Talk About Civilian Security Market Development

2013/11/25 Viewers:
Current Chinese civil, commercial surveillance market main application areas are home IP video monitoring, network monitoring small chains , small shops network monitoring , entertainment network monitoring , network video commercial business ( online travel , online interactive video sites, corporate image display , online exhibitions , online product demonstrations, online showings , online nursery ) and so on.
    Civil security market development , the first -tier cities began residential area . Line the city´s district residents , is the largest civilian security applications market, but also companies compete and defend. However, with the deepening of the civilian market , the current security companies are the second and third tier cities in the rapid expansion of the market , and even some rural areas have begun to use the monitoring system.
    Currently , the market for civil security functional requirements of the product is also relatively low . For example, most of the new district just with alarm monitoring equipment, part of the family installed an alarm signal can simultaneously image and upload it to your phone or computer equipment. Even some of the intention to strengthen the anti-technology SMEs requirements for security products are more , but still only a basic requirement. For example, a business owner to install monitoring , the first request is that he be able to see the enterprise in the field of production, stock situation, there is no security risk and so on. In addition, the need to have intercom capabilities for the timely response , and properly handle relevant issues .
    Some experts said that at present China ´s security market is still in the government-led , industry -driven stage , " the civilian market has not yet started the stage ." And application of the product from the current civilian demands , security of the civilian market is still in the initial stage of development .
    Civil security market development
    Civil security market prospects in the industry have already reached a consensus , but the current development status is still to be developed in a primitive stage , how to develop security companies to seize this market has become the focus of attention . Although China´s civil security market is very broad , but no suitable civilian market marketing model is hindered development of the biggest obstacles to the civilian market .
    Ordinary residents of the status quo is not in their own installation surveillance camera, but the four-tier cities shops, supermarkets and other guards need to be monitored . He said the U.S. can not see the streets crowded surveillance camera, but the family has installed more , free , there will be a small independent hospital surveillance camera, because as commodity -like surveillance camera has been stationed to the supermarket counter , and thus foreign civilian security rapid development , this super practical ability and foreigners about . However, the majority of our residents will not install their own , need professional and technical personnel , which also become an obstacle to the development of large civil security factor.
    Whether large civilian market environment , a good marketing model, the development of defects in the product itself or the general public are also safety awareness , practical ability of residents civilian market are impeding the development of such an indispensable factor .
    Want to lower the threshold in this field seize the development opportunities , but also requires security companies adjust product development and marketing thinking, depth of excavation civil security market and related products, in order to reflect the civilian characteristics .
    Enhance people´s awareness of security ; enhance the popularity of the network speed, and product development in line with user needs is the key to open the civil security market . Civil security mainly relies on the development of the Internet , thus enhancing the popularity of the network for civil security and vigorously promote the development process ; while the security of civilian products in addition to easy to use , novel appearance , but also the need to ensure product quality under the premise of reducing costs , increasing more more functions .
    In addition, the safety and security of data and providing professional service is the development of civil security market place can not be ignored .
    Civil security as the future development of key security market, with significant inroads into the leading enterprises , already opened the title page , how will the next blank paper portrayed as colorful blueprint requires market environment continues to mature, the residents need the concept of continuous improvement, requires constant innovation and other security companies.